Thursday, August 31, 2006


OMG.. I won't bore you guys with all the emails that went back and forth, but the latest email, which I've saved and printed for proof, the property manager has agreed with us and will NOT be charging visitors for parking. The tokens will still be used but ONLY for overnight stays. She is sending out a new memo to all tenants advising them on the change.

This just goes to show that 1 person (in this case 2) really CAN make a difference. I'm so happy.

And if she goes back on her word, I've got it in writing.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a mad mad world!

My friend who was in the car accident on Monday night sent me a photo of the scene. Her car is the one on the left. I'm so glad she's ok. Her car is a total write-off. So the only good thing is she can now get a new car through her insurance since hers was old.

On another note, I went home for lunch today to play with my babies. They are doing wonderfully. Last night, one of them came and woke me up at 4am by purring and rubbing his face against my cheek (awww!) On Friday I take them with me to Jimmy's place. Poor things will be scared and confused after just starting to settle down in my place! Then on Sat I take them with me to the hotel we're staying at for the weekend (until Monday) they allow pets (yay!) and we don't want to leave them home alone at such a young age so we gladly drag them with us :) Poor things will have to settle into 2 new homes for a weekend.

While at home, I noticed that I had received a notice from the management company of my building under my door. I'm steaming right now. I scanned the letter so you can all read what it says! It sucks it's a long weekend and noone will be around cos I'm planning on getting a bunch of my neighbours to write a letter to the management company to complain about this letter. I'll let you read it now!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Batch of photos - 2 months old (8 weeks)

Kittens: Day 1

So far so good!!

I was going to keep them in my bathroom for the day with their food and the kitty litter. But they are already litter trained and they are pretty well behaved. I woke up this morning to a clean litter but so far, so messes in my apartment so I really hope they start using the litter. I'm going to stay freaked out until I finally see messes in the litter cos for now, if they make a mess on my couch, I have nothing to clean it with!! I'm going this weekend to buy some spray stuff just in case they do make a mess on my couch.

I don't know how it works, I've taken them to the litter and so I've basically shown them where it is, but I wonder if they would remember where it is? I don't know if they know where the litter is by the smell of it or something? Regardless, I'm going home for lunch as much as I can until I see that they are using the litterbox regularly.

I've finally named them. Coco & Nala. I still don't know what sex they are I can't figure it out! The male kittens don't get their testes until a few months later I read somewhere. So I'm going to try to book an appointment with a vet this weekend to get their first set of shots and get the vet to tell me if they are male or female.

Now that they are getting comfy in my apartment, I feel bad that I'll have to take them for a few days to Jimmy's house cos I don't want to leave them alone in my place just yet. They will be freaked out at Jimmy's house cos it's bigger but oh well that will be their permanent home come the spring! :)

If anyone has any more tips/suggestions that I should know about kittens please let me know!

I'll try to take photos at lunch or after work.

Oh and my friend from work was supposed to come home with me for lunch to see the kittens but she got into a bad car accident last night on St. Laurent & Hunt Club. I can't find any info online if any of you find anything please link!! Supposedly it was a few car pile up thanks to a truck of some sort losing control and skidding into a car which made a domino effect. She said she was one of the lucky ones, most ppl were taken away in ambulances!!! YIKES! Another friend emailed me to tell me she passed by the scene of the accident and it was brutal with debrie everywhere!... If I find the link, I'll post. I'm just glad she's ok but her car is completely totalled.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Kitten day!

The day I become a mommie is here!!! I keep looking at the clock. Time is going by way too slow.

I'm registering Jimmy and his friend in their spanish courses after work then we're driving to pick up my little munchkins. I'm going home for lunch tomorrow with a friend from work to play with them and make sure they are ok their first day alone in my apartment.

I'll post photos sometime this week.

I've narrowed down the names to Nala & Coco for girls and Aiko & Symba for boys. I wonder what sex they will be!

The lady who owns them right now emailed me this morning to tell me that they are now litter trained. I had downloaded a bunch of information on how to litter train them if they weren't , but now that they are ready to go, all I gotta do is lead them to where the litter will be :)

I'm also going to call the vet clinic tomorrow to find out if I can make an appointment to bring them in this weekend to get their first set of shots. How exciting!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

#1210 updates

I finally got around to taking updated photos of my place. You guys probably won't see much difference in the other photos except for maybe the outdoor area is way closer to being completed. The paint I chose for the apartment were very pale colours. Reason being that I'm going to be renting it out in the spring and I don't want to turn potential tenants away by putting dark colours. I also don't want them asking me to paint the place when I just painted. So I'm hoping whomever rents it from me, will be ok with the colours. The only real colours you can notice is the pear green I picked for the kitchen and the bathroom. The others are really very pale you won't even notice them in the photos.

I had problably one of the most useless meetings today. There were 4 of us and 2 of us just kept going back and forth and back and forth. So stubborn, not listening to each other's opinions/suggestions. I came to the realization that if I didn't referee this one, we'd be sitting in the conference room for the rest of eternity not advancing anywhere. Seriously, what is the point of a meeting?? *sigh* The worst part is that I saw this coming because it's always the same with these two people!!

I'm going to get probably my last pedicure of the season tonight. The mornings are starting to be alot chillier and I found myself turning off my a/c more and more now before going to bed. It's kind of sad, I barely got to enjoy this summer as much as I wanted to because I was so busy buying stuff for my apartment. :( Now I gotta take out all my winter gear soon booo....

So I pick up the kitties 4 days omg omg :D I'm super nervous but very excited to be bringing them home. I've already got a list of a few names.

  • Aiko
  • Bamboo
  • Symba
  • Coco
  • Keisha
  • Nala
  • Bacci
  • Kimba

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick service

Wow, I only ordered my new iPod on Friday afternoon and lo and behold, I just received it!!

Tonight I have so much to do. The painter is coming to finish the second coat in my bedroom so I need to make sure i'm home for that, Jimmy is sleeping over and I'll be transferring all my iTunes music to my new iPod, while also somehow cooking dinner as soon as the painter leaves then hopefully heading to the gym for 9pm.

I hate going to the gym, I hate working out it's such a hassle lol. I wish we could all just naturally look great without having to work at it! I'm forcing myself to go to the gym as much as possible until I see some results. I even ordered some energy pills so who knows, maybe they will help me work out longer on the eliptical for now I can only last about 30 mins before i'm dead. I'm also trying to eat much smaller portions and drink wine/beer no more than twice a week and only 1-2 glasses of wine and 1 beer.


I meant to take updated photos of my apartment but I forgot last night. I'll hopefully remember tonight though! Or maybe I should wait until after labour day weekend when I'm putting up more decorations and my shelves... yea I think I'll do that.

As for the drama from the weekend, the girl did in fact leave the cash with the party host cos I ran into the host in the elevator yesterday. Now hopefully she left me the right amount.

So once I get the cash, I'm going to order the encasing for my hdd.

6 days till kitty pick up!! So exciting! :) I'm also registering Jimmy in Spanish courses on Monday so it's going to be quite the busy day for sure! What with me nervous all day at work and then going to sign him up for his courses then rushing to pick up the kitties!!!

Can't wait!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend of drama

What a weekend!!

I won't go into too many details but this was probably the most drama I've seen in a weekend so far.

Sat night, I went to one of my neighbour's housewarming party. Things were going great until around 3am when some ppl wanted to listen to salsa music and the host didn't have any so I volunteered to go up to my apartment and bring down my laptop with my external hdd which houses all my mp3s.

At around 330-ish, I was getting ready to leave soon when a girl at the party tripped over my hdd power cord and the entire external hdd topelled to the ground. :( I was really upset and she gave me her number saying she'd pay for the damages and to call her tomorrow.

I went home crying. Maybe to some ppl computer stuff is just hardware, but to me it's more than that. So the next day, my neighbour borrowed my hdd and tested it in his system. it's fine thank god! but the power cord is definitively dead. So naturally, I call the girl to tell her that it's just the case that's busted and i'll need to get a new case. She said it wouldn't be a problem since they only cost around $10. I said "um.. no they don't. They average 40$ and go up to almost 80$ for a super expensive one" That's when she became difficult. Making up reasons to not pay for it. Give me a break, I know it was an accident, you offered to pay the damages and no offence but if i break something of someone's, no questions asked, I'd replace it. She finally gave in after a few mins of arguing and offered to leave the cash with the housewarming host (the apartment she was actually staying at she was from out of town). I called the host of the party and left her a message to make sure that she was aware that her friend would leave the cash with her.

I haven't heard back from her so let's hope there aren't any further problems. *sigh*

My iPod died on Friday as well :( THe battery is dunzo. So I ordered a new iPod lol. This one had lasted me a good 3 yrs that's good enoguh for me!

Friday, August 18, 2006


My iPod died today. Actually, the battery, which is internal died and obviously once that's dead. The whole thing doesn't work. SUCKS!!!!

I know I know, if I really wanted to, I could go through all the hassle of sending it back to Apple and paying for a replacement battery but naw. Too much hassle. It's easier for me to dish out some cash and just upgrade. I always told myself that once my iPod died, it was a sign for me to upgrade. The price has gone down since the last time I bought mine by at least $100 so that's a bonus.

My dead iPod was a 20GB, 4th generation iPod. The one I just bought tonight online is a black one with 30GB, I guess the lastest generation. With a bigger screen and it's in colour! so i'm quite excited about that :D

I payed the extra 14$ to get it shipped here within a week's time. It's bad enough I have to go a week without any beats to and from work. Thank god at the gym they have TVs so that entertains me!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I love reading and have a list I compile full of novels I need to get. I usually go to Chapters and buy them in pairs. Once I finish those, I go back and get 2 other ones off my list. The two latest ones I've bought were

  • Dry: A Memoir - Augusten Borroughs
  • Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk (most known as the author of Fight Club)
Dry was awesome, as expected. It's the continuation of his first best-selling memoir novel titled RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. They are actually making it into a movie I can't wait to see it!

I only just started Haunted last night and boy, it's pretty screwed up! nor Chapters warned me about how graphic and gross the first chapter was geez LOL.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New additions to the family

I went with Jimmy to check out the kittens I have decided I will be taking home in 2 weeks! Check 'em out!

Sooooo cute!

We're picking them up on the 28th!! I can't wait! I've been having problems sleeping b/c that's all I've been thinking about lately haha.

I'm not sure what their sex is, but I've got some ideas on names. If you guys have any original exotic cute names for both males & females, please do post them!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm staying home today because I don't feel well. Work hasn't been very busy so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. But of course, ironically enough, I just checked my email and got a call from my boss that all this work has come in and she may need me to go in this afternoon. *sigh* I really don't want to have to go in. I'm going to wait until our purchaser returns from vacation and I'm going to ask her if they mind getting me a laptop with internet connection rather than access through a browser to email cos this would prevent me from having to come in to work when I'm sick. It's really annoying *sigh*.

I'm hoping the clients don't get the work submitted on time today so I don't feel obligated to go in when I feel like crap.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Another week

Can you believe that summer is almost over? How depressing. I wish we'd have 3 day weekends instead of just 2. They seem to go by way too quick. Or maybe it's because I make too many plans on the weekends which keep me busy?

I finally started going again to see my ortherapist. My back is thanking me! I'm going to start going once a month and if I can afford it, go twice a month.

Didn't do too much this weekend. I had my friend who has a painting business on the side, come and paint part of my apartment this past weekend. Most of my apartment will be a beigy type of colour but a few of the walls will have other colours, like my kitchen & bathroom, since they use the same countertop, I picked a pale pear colour. my living room and one hallway wall are a very very pale beige. It is barely visible. I'll post pictures end of this weekend once the rest of the apartment gets painted! I also noticed that the party room & outdoor bbq/lounge/pool area is practically ready! I can't wait! I'll also take some photos of that.

In other news, I'm getting 2 kittens!! YUP! I am going to see them tomorrow but I won't be able to take them home for another few weeks which is perfect b/c the last weekend of this month I am going to Montreal for the weekend and wouldn't want to leave 2 kittens alone in my apartment. I've been reading up on training kittens to not scratch your furniture and how to litter train them. That's what concerned me the most but I've decided that when I'm at work, I'm going to keep the kittens with the litterbox and some pillows to sleep on in the bathroom for the day until they are fully litter trained. That way, if they make a mess, it's easier to clean in the bathroom than on my nice hardwood flooring!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

That's pretty cool!

Nothing special

Last night's dinner was awesome!! Everyone complimented me and the women even asked me for the recipe. I can honestly say there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you've slaved over the stove/oven for a while to cook up a meal and everyone enjoys it to the point where there are absolutely NO leftovers for your lunch the next day haha. I feel good!! Now I really want to cook more large meals for large crowds.

The guy in the cubicle next to me is clipping his nails, I can hear him. Who does that?? Leave that to do in your bathroom dude!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poor midget!

Too bad it's not a true story. Or so I've heard.

I had my first ever Pampered Chef event last night at my apartment. It was a complete success with over 500$ worth in sales!!! 2 of my guests ended up booking their very own event for September. I think I'm going to host another event but wait until sometime in the early winter maybe January or something. This way new products will be out and new recipes. I can't wait!!

I feel like hosting other parties now haha.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Long weekend

Wow what a great weekend I had though I feel like it went by way too quickly.

Friday night Eric came up to visit for the weekend we had a blast. We went over to one of my neighbour's place cos he was having a house party.

We had a blast. Saturday I took him to Jimmy's place so he could see the house and then we made a quick pit stop at my parents to go swimming. Sat night I had ppl over for drinks. I don't have those photos yet cos Eric's camera decided to act up when we wanted to download them and now we can't access them :( Hopefully he can get that fixed up soon.

Sunday we had brunch with Jimmy and then went for a walk in the market until he drove me to my parents cos I had family from Toronto & my grandma from Peru visiting. He went home and I chilled with Jimmy at my parents with everyone.

Monday I hung out by the pool and then had dinner over at a girlfriend's place.

So I've decided to get a kitten! The only thing missing to do is find out where I will get it from. One of my neighbours told me about this place called "Friends of abandoned pets" I was on the phone with the lady last night. She's supposed to call me sometime soon to let me know if there are any kittens available cos I don't want a full grown cat I want a kitten. I also went on and found a bunch of ppl giving away kittens so I contacted them too.

We'll seee!1

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I'm annoyed. I just found out that probably starting next week I'll have a neighbour. As in, a cubicle neighbour! grrr

See, our division shares a huge office space with anotehr division but noone from that division had moved to our floor and we were told it would problably be a year or so before they did. So I loved the idea of having a hallway and an empty cubicle as neighbours. I could put my music semi loud and talk on my phone without worry of anyone hearing anything. But now the techies are here installing the computers and other stuff next to my cubicle grr.

I just hope the person next to me is cool. I guess my personal calls will have to be limited now SUCKS!!

Small world

I really get along with my neighbours. In particular the guy who lives right next to me. he came over on Tuesday evening when I had a good friend over and we all had dinner together. He is so nice! He lent me one of his routers and set up a wireless network for me! So now not only do I have internet on my desktop PC but on my laptop too! yay! So all my geek friends can come over with their laptops and geek out with me.

Anyways, on Wednesday night, he was over and I was showing him my Halifax photos and he said he knew Jimmy! Turns out his gf dated Jimmy a few yrs ago for a couple of months. Talk about small freakin' world haha! It's really kind of scary!

I'm connected to all the ppl I've met on my floor so far through one other person! The girl across the hall, we have a good mutual friend. The guy down the hall was in some running club with another friend of mine and my next door neighbour not only knows Jimmy through his gf but he also knows another friend of mine haha geez!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Here's a funny clip from the famous British game show 'Countdown'. What are the odds of those letters coming up? I know a couple words I can make out of that...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Halifax Trip 2006

So I finally got around to downloading our Halifax photos.

On one of our nights in, Jimmy and I decided to play BATTLESHIP. It was my first time playing it and oddly enough, we ended up putting our ships in pretty much the exact same location LOL what are the chances?!

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