Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big News!

Just wanted to share with you all that I got engaged on the evening of Aug 22, 2007!! I am now officially a bride to be!!

How it happened

After work yesterday, Jimmy picked me up and told me we were going to the market to go shopping for some paintings for the house. As we were walking around, he stopped in front of a horse drawn carriage and asked if I’d like to take a ride. I said of course said yes.

We took a beautiful 30 min drive through the scenic back roads of downtown Ottawa. All of a sudden, we stopped behind the Supreme Court and the driver said he was going to take a small break. I thought that he was going to take a leak. As he left, Jimmy sat across from me and seemed a bit nervous. At this point I began to get suspicious! He had a speech written down but refused to read it and forgot all his words! He then got down on one knee and presented me with the beautiful ring. He thought I was going to cry but there were soo many other emotions going through me that crying was definitely not one of them!

Of course I said yes and the driver proceeded to take a million and some photos so I’m going to share them with you all!

No date has been set in stone but we’re looking at September 6, 2008.

Yay to me!

Here is a link to the photos: