Thursday, February 22, 2007

2 weeks!

My move is coming along nicely. I've got most of my clothes and bathroom stuff moved over to Jimmy's. This weekend Jimmy is going to Montreal so I'm staying at my place to pack up all my kitchen stuff and my night stand table. Next week I'll be removing everything from the walls and packing up as much as I can week by week! I've only got about 4 weeks to get all my stuff out of there and paint the place before my tenant moves in the last week of March.

I'm still addited to I've found sooo many ppl I highly encourage you to join if you haven't yet!

I'll try to remember to take photos of the new car this weekend as well.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I'm officially addicted to !

Friday, February 09, 2007

GOOGLE In Ontario!

I just finished reading an article in the Ottawa Citizen on how Google has opened an office in Waterloo! There are some photos and the place looks awesome!

They were comparing why the company chose Waterloo over Ottawa. If you have a chance, check it out, it was in yesterday's paper the techweekly section.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I've officially changed all the necessary addresses on all my mail. At least I hope. I did this 2 months in advance to keep a close eye on what mail I will still receive end of this month that I missed and must change addresses right away. I've already moved half my summer clothes over to Jimmy's and this weekend I'm putting the remainder of my summer clothes plus fancy dresses and summer shoes in his car. Next week I'll begin moving everything out of my storage room up to my apartment to bring over as well. I really don't want to have too much to move out by end of March. Especially since we have to paint over all the holes I put on the walls before April 1.

Rogers is cancelling my internet and PVR services on March 7. So the day before, I'm disconnecting everything and lugging it into Jimmy's car and setting it up at his place cos the eve of the 7th, Rogers is coming to reconnect me at his place.

OMG News Flash! Anna Nicole Smith is found dead!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You know you're from Ottawa when...

I found this funny article on Ottawa group


You HATE having to dial “613” first before having to call people now in Ottawa

You talk to people from other cities about shawarma and are mystified when they have no clue what the hell you're talking about

There was a point in time (or it is that point in time right now) when you wished you were 18 so you could drive, cab or bus to hull to get alcohol

You've waited 30 minutes for the OC transpo only to realize it came early?

You remember when the Scotiabank Place was still the Corel Centre, or better, Palladium

You've partied on Parliament Hill on Canada Day

You remember going on field trips to the museum of science and tech. every year of elementary school

You've travelled and waited for over half an hour just to get into Zak's Diner in the Byward Market

A winter without going skating on the Rideau Canal just doesn't seem right

You're bilingual... or at least you can parler Franglais

You've swam in Mooney's Bay and had to shower for 2 hours afterwards to get that filthy, filthy water off of you

You don't flinch when asked if you want to eat a beavertail

You've been at the top of the peace tower and thought you were amazingly high just because nothing else is allowed to be taller than it

You've cheered for and a year later, booed Alexei Yashin

You remember the Roughriders, and wish the Renegades would come back

You've watched for yourself on Speaker's Corner on CHRO/The NewRO/A-Channel/Channel 6

You've seriously considered swimming in the Rideau Canal on one of those 30+ degree summer days

You remember a time when Patrick Lalime was kinda good

Everyone you know has some sort of story about how Alanis Morissette babysat their cousin's best friend's dog's original owner's son-in-law

You realize that MPs are you local celebrities

You've taken the O-Train and wondered exactly why they ever built it

You wonder why Bluesfest is even called Bluesfest. Who knew the Black Eyed Peas could sing the blues?

You remember that Tom Green used to be funny

During grade school, you were warned about "The man in the white van." (Or if you grew up in Orleans “the white van”)

The word Vanier strikes fear into your heart, in fact you duck and cover any time you hear it

The dreaded Ice Storm combined with the teachers' strike made 1998 the best school year ever

You listened to ENERGY 1200 AM and remember when 93.9 KOOL FM was still new

You remember RJ's Boom Boom Saloon turning into the Liquor Dome, whose days of serving alcohol to minors ended when it turned into Capital City music hall, which after a few David Usher and Massari shows turned into... well, condos.

You remember the amazing breakfast at the Golden Griddle before it turned into a Hooters and now some pub or something

The Sens earned you some free pizza

You've been cut off in traffic by a car only to realize they had a Quebec plate.

You've gone to Herongate Mall only to realize you need to kill more than 8 minutes.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Head gear!

Poor Zazu, he has to wear that stupid neck thing for 7 days so he doesn't lick his paws otherwise he'll get an infection!


So I think it's safe to tell you guys that I've rented my apartment! After going through a few applications, I've made up my mind and the new tenant is coming over on Thursday to sign his lease. We've made a deal, I lowered my price a bit in exchange for him to sign a 2 year lease. He is looking for April 1, 2007. Which gives me an extra month to move out! Well, actually I'd prefer to be completely moved out or mostly moved out by mid march. I've already switched all the addresses on my bills the only one remainding is my rogers one which i'm going to try to make sure I don't get that penalty charge cos i'm getting out of the contract early by adding my name to Jimmy's account and adding features to that other account. Keep your fingers crossed that my bargaining skills succeed! hehe

My kitties were neutered and declawed early last week. They were kept at the vet's overnight for 2 nights to make sure everything was healing alright.

Zazu was licking his paws a lot and started developing a small infection so the vet put one of those hilarious v-shaped collars on him for a week. Poor thing keeps running into walls and has a bit of trouble eating so I hand feed the fella. I'm counting down the days when I can remove his collar and he can go back to normal. He keeps wanting to cuddle but the collar makes it so impossible for me to hold him close to me.

I recently got convinced by a girlfriend to join and now i'm totally addicted! If any of you are on it please let me know or look for me to add to each others friends list LOL

Thursday, February 01, 2007


OMG I'm peeling everywhere wtf!

So one week later, I finally got a hold of all the photos I need to print. I'm going to be printing a combo of my dad's digi photos , my bro's photos and mine. I can't wait!

Oh and I created an online gallery of a lot of our photos combined. It's not all of them but a heck of a lot.